Word Press theme , and setup ووردبرس ، والإعدادات موقع

Mohammad Ismail منذ سنة
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I have a ready full WordPress theme and booking system including admin panel for taxi, and limousine booking system ---- need little customization and setup to make it up and run the full file needed attached, need to look at it , and make logo, and white labeling amendments

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Mohammad Ismail   منذ سنة
Word Press theme , and setup ووردبرس ، والإعدادات موقع
Mohammad Was great person to deal with, he is highly professional he was fast, and he went an extra mile to do the job, he has the knowledge and a real expert in the tech , i would highly recommend him blindly, he is also a trustable, and keen to make the job perfect , i would surely love to work with him again
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Abdelmoutaleb Noumeur
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Hello Dear Mohammed I'm ready to work on the project I can accompany you with modifications until we reach the aimed final style of the website...

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