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Fatima Alnemer منذ 10 أشهر
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Hello, please find attached the following: - Inspire logo - The text that should be in the box - the old version of the box with the dimensions - Alshfia logo (this should be small) we are looking for an innovative design, something that is eye-catching, outstanding, creative,unique, and happy also this brand Inspire, is a premium brand so bare that in mind while designing. You don't have to stick to the logo colors while designing the box, feel free to play with any colors you think is suitable. After approving the design by the management, we would ask you to provide us different colors of the same design for other pen needle sizes. Thank you very much and please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any question. Best,

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Abdelmoutaleb Noumeur
منذ 10 أشهر    

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